Suicide is real.

I remember I was watching a new season of Jane the Virgin when I received a call that felt super unreal.

”They found him Alex…”

“Well that’s great! Where was he?” I replied quickly.  His phone had been shut off for many hours and she had reported him as missing to the police. So finally  hearing these words was like music to my ears.

“No Alex. They FOUND him…” and while I kept thinking— Ok. Where did he go though? — Her response was “They found him dead.”

The conversation went somewhat like that… and while I cannot remember anything else except the crying on the phone, I do remember thinking that this had to be some joke he was playing on all of us.  Still to this day, it’s hard to believe my friend committed suicide.

While I am no expert or advocate for suicide awareness, I do want to point out  how real suicide thoughts are. There is nothing like them, and nothing more scary than trying to figure out why your mind is even going there. The thoughts try to push you to your limit… there is no better way to explain this to be honest, than just the devil trying to steal your life from you and those you love.  You get flashes of different ways you can go about taking your life and it gets awfully scary.

The feelings of loneliness and worthlessness are two of the things that take people to feeling like life is not worth living. Well, what’s the point of living if you are surrounded by people but always feel alone? What’s the point of living if you feel like you are worth nothing? You don’t feel like you are contributing, you feel ugly, you feel defeated.

For some people it is hard to grasp why or how anyone could think or feel this way. If you are one of these people, I urge you to not be close minded and to realize that not everyone has the same brain you do. Depression is honestly a mental health problem that can literally destroy you until it kills you.

I think one of the reasons for the increase in suicide rates is how disconnected we are. Studies actually show that suicide rates have increased by more than 25% in almost every state in the past two decades.  Suicide is actually the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.We are so concerned with being connected, that we literally become detached from the world.  We end up having less time for the people we love, we withdraw from activities that could help us emotionally and physically, we focus on things that really don’t matter and end up comparing ourselves to others (how a stranger applies their make up, how our friends are traveling, etc.).We should all disconnect to connect. We need to check up on those we love. Call them and speak to them (you will be able to tell if they sound down if you call them rather than text), or better yet go visit them! Let the people you care for know that you are a listening ear if they ever need one. Do your part to help other human beings. At the same time, I want to remind you that even though we do all these things we may not be able to reach a person who is set in their decision — this doesn’t mean we don’t try though.

Suicide prevention hotline:


If you prefer to not talk to someone directly, they now have a chat option. Suicide is not the answer. You were carefully crafted by our God. You are beautiful and have a purpose in this world.

Credit:, NPR (statistics)